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Why choose Tom's ?

   We have a rich background in the construction world, with a history in building that included framing to roofing, always ensuring we left a satisfied customer. Roofing was a large part of our work, replacing roofs that had just been put on 10, 5 or even 2 short years seemed like a waste of time, money and resources, as we began doing more and more metal roofing we quickly realized, they were a lot more economical, with a quick 

trip to the recyclers instead of landfill. Knowing our customers would have a lot less to worry about in a much longer period of time, like a lifetime! And, without spending more, it all made sense.




 Affordable Prices
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
roofing metal slate truro
Metal Shake:  Classic red  blend

We know not all metal roofs are created equal, we take precise measurements and custom order panels for full coverage from eaves to peak, up to 40 foot lengths. Accessorizing with all proper matching 

metal trim, seals and gaskets.

We, at Tom's Construction, take great care to leave a weather tight, sharp looking roof behind every time. 

Installed professionally and efficiently 

ensuring you can have peace of mind.

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