Metal Slate Shingle


  • 50" wide x 12" height panel coverage

  • 4-way interlocking design

  • Applies over solid substrate

  • Material: High-quality steel protected by layers of coatings and paint

  • Gauge: 28ga

  • Finish: Kynar® 500 PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) Paint system

  • Warranty: Lifetime Non-Prorated Lasting Beauty

Combining slate’s old-world charm and the unsurpassed performance of steel, ArrowLine Metal Slate Roofing is the next wave in roofing. The stamping process provides the most realistic slate look available, and the 4-way interlocking design insures a watertight design. This product withstands winds up to 160 mph.

ArrowLine also carries a Lifetime Non-Prorated Warranty. ArrowLine Slate is lighter than traditional slate and it will not crack or slide off. You can walk on an ArrowLine Slate roof, unlike traditional slate.